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December 25, 2005

links for 2005-12-25

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  • Google has firmly established that relevant, useful, and unobnoxious advertising can be stunningly lucrative: On average, every search you do on Google generates $.12 in revenue for the company.
  • mentions three kinds of companies: 1) Lifestyle companies, which aren’t geared for growth 2) Cash Flow companies, which are profitable and grow at 10-20% per year 3) High Growth companies, which can grow at 50-100% per year. VCs natually prefer the latter
  • insightful blogging tips from professional blogger Darren Rowse
    (tags: blogging tips)
  • Curious Office Partners (a Seattle incubator) is thinking small about the next consumer Internet applications, by funding often overlooked innovators in micropayments from $10,000 to $250,000.
  • insightful advice from a VC on startups. “There’s never been a better time than now to start a company. In the past, entrepreneurs started businesses. Today they invent new business models. That’s a big difference, and it creates huge opportunities.”
  • a good set of 12 questions to ask yourself if you are bootstrapping. Quote: “First time entrepreneurs have a major advantage/disadvantage: they don’t question everything before they leap into the business”
  • brings up two important points about VC funding: timing and approach. Timing is important, as idea risk is more acceptable than execution risk, hence should be approached at the proper time via your contacts or networking.
  • The advent of the Internet has created new opportunities for freelancing, particularly for software developers from countries with low average salaries
  • great discussion on why the glitter of instant tech wealth is the reason for all the interest in startups like, skype, and riya — also discusses some hard facts: “the median VC investment loses 36%” and the implications of that statement
    (tags: startup vc)
  • long and interesting post from Rick Segal regarding the multi-step process that his firm (JL Albright) is using to invest in startups. a must read!

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