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September 22, 2006

links for 2006-09-21

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  • While everyone will agree that addressing the cause is the best way to get a different effect, it is rarely put in practice … because effects are easily seen and causes are frequently hidden from view, they are completely misdiagnosed as a result.

September 21, 2006

links for 2006-09-20

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  • The less you identify work with employment, the easier it becomes to start a startup: when you see your career as a series of different types of work, instead of a lifetime’s service to a single employer, there’s less risk in starting your own company.
  • Forms of cost-center technology:
    *) Differentiating: something that makes your business desirable over your competitors
    *) Non-differentiating: infrastructure upon which the above is built.
    Open Source is the key to spending less on non-differentiators
  • In Extreme Interviewing, you recreate the actual work environment with the existing team involved, with an equal focus on personal/technical skills. Reminds me of the quote: “you hire a juggler after seeing him juggle, but not so for a programmer.”
  • Great managers define what success will look like, and why that success will be meaningful, but then they get out of the way, allowing people creative license and the freedom in decision-making to motivate themselves in attaining that success.
  • The effectiveness of groups, teamwork, collaboration, and consensus is largely a myth. In many cases, individuals do much better on their own .. groups often breed false confidence that leads to unsound decisions which no one would have made on their own.
  • A good discussion of top 5 reasons why people quit
    1. Money
    2. Work is not challenging
    3. Too many challenges
    4. Company atmosphere
    5. The small stuff

September 20, 2006

links for 2006-09-19

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